GHOST's objective is to connect with the client in an effort to understand their individual processes, targeted audience and business aims in an effort to translate that into a viable strategy

Information Design

Once we understand the client's business and its components, we begin to carefully design the user experience. We work to organise the overall content, its multiple facets and how they will relate to each other.


We design websites that are head and shoulders above the crowd. Our well designed presentations are specifically aimed at the client’s industry and target audience.

User Interface Prototyping

It is vital that the UI prototype is fully tested by the target users to ensure that the experience will be easy to use, pleasing and will deliver what they need.

Technical Design

The code behind the best user interface needs to be built to provide an efficient, robust & scaleable framework delivering all project objectives.

Test & Release

Testing is conducted at our office to remove any obvious solution problems before being delivered to the client site.